Healthy eating is an important part of life for all ages. Originally founded on the idea of preparing well-balanced, gourmet-styled meals for children, Bon Appétit Kids has flourished into a provider of fresh, nutritious, and unbelievable-delicious meals that cater to any age. Working with only the best chefs, recipes, and ingredients, Bon Appétit Kid's meals contain no additives, preservatives or hormones. Every meal is made with all-natural and organic ingredients. Bon Appétit Kids delivers meals that are not just dietary fads of the moment, but instead food based on the philosophy of eating healthy, balanced portions that will help you sustain a better life, body and soul.

Bon Appétit Kids is based in South Florida, delivering meals to many happy families and schools. Currently, Bon Appétit's Kids School Lunch Plan is responsible for nourishing the tummies of students at over 30 premier private schools in South Florida with its pediatrician-endorsed meals. This, along with their reliable service, assures parents that their children are receiving only the best of the best. And don't we all deserve to treat our bodies well while enjoying it, too?

“I love the idea that the food is freshly prepared daily and that there are no preservatives or additives. My husband and I are busy professionals and found it hard to find time to cook healthy meals for our son. At times we were guilty of feeding him boxed macaroni and cheese and other not so healthy food, simply because it was an easy option. Well, Bon Appétit Kids is an even easier option and no more guilt! We now know that are son is getting the proper nutrition that he deserves. Thank you, Bon Appétit Kids.”

Colleen B. | Coconut Grove, FL

“Our three children have been eating your meals for the past month and were part of your pre-launch trial. We loved the convenience and our kids loved the food so much that we are signed up for the November launch, and can’t wait. I worried that my kids wouldn’t eat the food because it was too ‘gourmet’ for them. But, quite opposite, they loved it because of the variety and yummy taste. You seem to have perfected catering to the taste buds of children. My four year old daughter keeps asking for more of the ‘apple-tossed pork and sweet potato swirl.’ I don’t think she realized there was broccoli hidden in those potatoes…genius! “

Lisa A. | Key Biscayne, FL

“My daughter is overweight and I know I’m partly to blame. I kept serving her unhealthy foods like French Fries, macaroni and cheese, and cookies because I thought those were the only foods that she liked. Well, I now realize that after serving her the healthy Bon Appétit Kids meals she prefers that food. I can’t believe my daughter gobbles up nutritious, organic food. I wish this service was available when she began eating solid foods. I could have prevented her weight problem. She’s only been eating the food for one month and she’s already starting to trim down. I also recommend the fresh squeezed organic juice. I order an extra juice for myself also. You can’t beat the price and it tastes so much better than the sugary version you get in the store.”

Karin C. | Coral Gables, FL

“The food is healthy, great tasting and my son loves it. The pot roast was a real hit, as was the chicken and dumplings. This is great, my husband and I can continue eating light and carb free and now we don’t have to cook something separate for our son. I’m telling all of my friends about your service.”

Jenny L. | Pinecrest, FL

“This is the best concept ever. You are providing a wonderful service to children and their parents. I could never cook the types of foods that you serve. I don’t have time to visit local farmers to get produce, chop vegetables and bake turkeys. But, this is the type of food that my daughters need….”

Alejandra D. | Aventura, FL

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